Elder Hobbs at King's Addition, January 2008
Late Pastor of King's Addition Baptist Church

Brother Hobbs was not only my pastor for several years, but he has been like a father to me.  He is a great pastor, teacher, grandfather and friend.  Nearly everywhere I have gone, when I tell people that my grandfather is James Hobbs, they most always respond in the positive.   I count it a privilege and an honor to have my name associated with a man of such high caliber.  He is known and well-liked in most Baptist churches and even in many countries around the world.   God has certainly blessed this man of God in great ways!

On this page are a few of the sermons he preached.  Most of these were preached at King's Addition Baptist Church's pulpit.  Enjoy and stop by often.  I plan to add more as time permits!  Any issues please let me know at webmaster@faithdelivered.net.

"NEVER DIE" -   John 11:25-26 is the text.  Sept 28, 2003 was the date.

"FAITH" - A sermon he preached for me in Mansfield in 2009.  Of particular interest, in this message he gave a lot of his history.


"THE LAW: GOD's MOUTH-STOPPER" Romans 3:19-31 (03/22/1998)

"WHEN TROUBLE TROUBLE COMES" - Job 1:1-5 (03/22/1998)

"CALLING SINNERS TO REPENTANCE" Matthew 9:10-13 (12/23/2001)

"SELF-EVALUATION" 1 Kings 18:17-21 (12/23/2001)

"THE EVERLASTING NAME" Isaiah 56:1-8 (03/20/2005)

"LOOK UNTO THE LORD" Micah 1:1-7 (03/20/2005)


Part 1
Exodus 19:1-9
Part 2
Exodus 25:1-9
Part 3
Exodus 27:16
Part 4
Exodus 26:7-14
Part 5
Exodus 26:1-6
Part 6
Exodus 27:16
Part 7
Exodus 40:1-11
Part 8
Exodus 25:17-21
Part 9
Exodus 27:1-8
Part 10
Exodus 38:8
Part 11
Exodus 25:23-28
Part 12
Exodus 30:1-10

Preacher Burnout
A sermon that was needful in 1983 and also needful now.

The Lord's Church, The Baptist Church
I Corinthians 3:16

The Baptist Book

The Bible is the Baptist Book!   II Timothy 3:14-17

"Cutting Away The Word

It is a very serious thing, but it happens a lot in our time.  (See Jeremiah 36:20-26)

"Why Study The Bible?"   
Ten reasons why personal Bible study is important.

"Why Join the Lord's Church? 
The church is still very important today.  Hear what the Bible says about it.

"The Church and Discipline"   
A very serious message on a neglected and misunderstood subject.

"Happy Mother's Day"    
It is very important that we honor our mom!

"He Touched Me"     
He touched me and oh, the joy that filled my soul!

"A Servant of God"  
We are free in Christ, but we are servants of God!

"Happy Father's Day"  
It is very important that we honor our dad!

"Christian Separation, Part I"    
"Christian Separation, Part II"  
An important topic on a very neglected subject!

"Be Not Ashamed"    
Why should we be ashamed of our Lord?

"Satan's Battleground"   
Satan is always working, trying to keep us from being what we ought to be.  We need to know how he works.

"Standing In An Even Place"    
A message from Psalm 26.

"This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made"    
Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

"Lawful Uses of the Law of God"   
"But we know that the law is good, if a man use it lawfully."  (I Timothy 1:8)

"The Lord Will Not Forsake His People" 
Praise God we are not forsaken!

"The Name of God"