Elder Fred T. Halliman
Elder and Mrs. Fred Halliman

Brother Halliman has been with the Lord for several years now.  His life was dedicated to the service of the Lord, working first as a pastor in Chicago, then serving the Lord in Papua New Guinea as a missionary, and then finally serving as missionary to Nigeria Africa.  He passed away doing missionary work in Malawi Africa.

Having grown up in King's Addition Baptist Church in South Shore KY, I have nothing but fond memories of Brother Fred Halliman.  After I was called to preach he was a great teacher and encouragement to me.  

In my collection of tapes, I have many of the sermons he preached during his visits to the USA and I thought it would be good to share these on my website.  I realize the quality of these might not be the greatest because of their age.  But these sermons have been a blessing to me and I hope they will be a blessing to you as you listen to this great servant of God preach.

Please check again later!  I am sure I have more tapes....

"An Introduction and History to the Work in Papua New Guinea" (listen | download)
This message was preached at King's Addition Baptist Church in South Shore KY in 1974

"Missionary Work In the Light of the Second Coming"  (listen | download)
A sermon Brother Halliman preached at the Bible Conference at Calvary Baptist Church in 1976.

"The Effectual Working Power of God"   (listen | download)
This was from a tape that my Grandfather (James E. Hobbs Sr) simply marked simply "July 14 AM."

"A Warning to the Wicked"    (listen | download)
This was from the other side of the tape, marked "July 14 PM."  King's Addition Baptist Church in South Shore KY.

"The Power of Prayer"    (listen | download)
A message from the 1986 Bible Conference at King's Addition Baptist.