Elder Gordon Wiegold

This page is a collection of sermons that Brother Gordie Wiegold preached during his ministry.  Brother Wiegold was a mate (a good friend) to me and we always had a great time together, whether it was in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, or wherever.  Whether he was in the USA, Australia, Canada, Malawi, or Mazambique he showed great love and compassion for the Lord and His people.   He was a very able preacher and that is why I have included a collection of his sermons here.  Thanks to the technology we have, "... he being dead yet speaketh."  I pray God will continue to bless the sermons Brother Gordie left behind.    One day I'll see my friend again, when we are together in the presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The above picture was taken in April 2012, last time we were together, in a Bible Conference at Beverly Manor Baptist Church in Washington Illinois.

Below you will find the audio sermons I have collected from various sources.  The first two were preached at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Mansfield OH where I (David Green) pastor.  The others come from other churches.  If you are aware of a sermon Brother Wiegold preached somewhere and you'd like it to be included here, please let me know by sending me an email at dmgreen@faithdelivered.net.

"Do You Believe What You Believe?"     by Elder Gordon Wiegold  (MP3)
"God's Will Does Not Make Sense"  by Elder Gordon Wiegold  (MP3)

"Rebuilding the Wall 1: Groundwork"    (MP3)
"Rebuilding the Wall 2: Conviction"      (MP3)
"Rebuilding the Wall 3: Focus"    (MP3)
"Rebuilding the Wall 4: Attitude"    (MP3)
"Rebuilding the Wall 5: A Mind To Work"     (MP3)
"Rebuilding the Wall 6"      (MP3)

"The Work of God"   
"What Is The Work of God?"   (MP3)

"What Do You Say?" 

"Looking At The World Through A Different I"